Covid-19 Update

On the 11th of March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic ( On the same day, the Government of India issued travel related notifications which effectively shut down all modes of travel, both within India and also to foreign countries ( Around this time, similar travel restrictions also came to be imposed by governments of many countries the world over. Further, across the world, these travel restrictions were accompanied by lockdown on the movement of people, and also on commercial activities.


This force majeure situation and the worldwide travel related lockdown made it impossible for tourists (individuals and groups) to undertake their travel plans and altogether made it impossible for travel and tourism companies like Refresh Holidays to deliver services, despite most travel logistics at our end being in a state of readiness, sometimes over a year in advance.


Under these circumstances, and particularly with a view to ensuring that our guests do not lose their hard-earned monies, Refresh Holidays postponed all its group tour departures until 30th September 2020, and since lockdowns have been continually extended, further postponements, if any, would be in line with travel advisories issued by the Indian as well as other governments.


While some guests have opted to cancel their tours as per Refresh Holidays’s cancellation policy, an overwhelmingly large number of our guests have postponed their tours to a future date. To those who have postponed their tours, guests would notice that 100% of their tour money has been protected and placed into a credit shell. Also, for these future tours, Refresh Holidays will honour the original tour price paid by guests (except where any future bookings are for super peak season dates, in which case a surcharge could be applicable).

Our guests would appreciate that despite there being no guarantee that prices worldwide (including taxes) will or will not increase over the next 18 months, we at Refresh Holidays are taking that risk purely keeping in mind the interests of our guests. Guests are requested to note that Refresh Holidays would continue to work closely with its travel partners/associates worldwide to try and reduce the said estimated expenses even lower; and should our worldwide associates give us any reduction/consideration, that would immediately be credited to the guest’s future tour voucher, thereby reducing this expense.


Recently, guests have enquired whether these future tour vouchers can be extended for travel beyond March 31, 2021? At great risk in these uncertain times, Refresh Holidays is happy to announce that the future tour option has now been extended for travel before December 31, 2021 (subject of course to travel-related notifications of various governments).


Individual travellers who have booked their holidays with ‘Customized Holidays’ have been contacted for the postponement of their holiday. Any difference in holiday prices due to change of travel dates/hotels/package category/fare difference/GST will be additional and will be advised at the time of confirmation of a holiday as per revised dates.



Refresh Holidays looks forward to serving you soon and wishes you and your family good health & safety.




Take Care, Stay Safe


Date: 01/01/2021