Greece Honeymoon Package From Mumbai

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Greece Honeymoon Package From Mumbai

Get married in Greece with this 6 nights/7 day Europe honeymoon package to start your new chapter in a natural and culturally rich setting. Greece, which is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and is rich in history, is the ideal location to deepen relationships and gain understanding. Discover the magnificent islands of Santorini and Mykonos as well as the capital of Athens with this exceptional honeymoon package to Europe.

Greece Honeymoon Package From Mumbai
Day-wise Itinerary

Day 1 Athens: Welcome to the capital city

Today is the start of your delightful honeymoon in Europe.An agent's representative will meet you at the Athens International Airport when your flight lands and will accompany you to the hotel. Complete check-in procedures and get ready at the hotel before departing on an exciting Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) trip. This Europe honeymoon trip from India is designed to allow you to explore the top sights in both the capital city and Piraeus, as well as to stop at any of the rest stops along the way. Take a break in the Acropolis to explore the magnificent ancient ruins, temples, and Parthenon. Another sight that will captivate you is Syntagma Square. The National Gardens, which are nearby, complement the area's natural beauty and contribute to the tour's attractiveness. You can also get off at the New Acropolis Museum to admire the statues and other pieces of art that were unearthed from the Acropolis.After a memorable day of sightseeing, return to the hotel for a restful night's sleep with your soul mate by your side.

Day 2 Santorini: Off to a romantic Greek island

You are called to a dreamland for wonderful moments.Get up to a hearty breakfast and check out of the hotel early in accordance with this Greece honeymoon vacation package. Take a comfortable ride to the Athens airport to catch your trip to Santorini. Once you've reached this idyllic island, be transferred to your hotel so you can relax. You can decide to spend the rest of the day anyway you like. This Greek island is a wonderful location for an alluring getaway. One of the nicest activities for a newlywed couple like you is a sunset sailing cruise. You can choose to take in the nightlife of this magnificent island when the stars come out. Enjoy yourself in a number of clubs and pubs in Fira, the contemporary centre of Santorini Island. The nation's capital is a living artwork of immaculate whitewashed buildings and towering cliffs.Return to the hotel and retire to your comfortable bed for the evening after the day has treated you in a variety of ways.Nightlife and a sunset sailing tour are optional (charges extra)45 minutes is the flight time from Athens to Santorini (approx.)

Day 3 Santorini: A day at ‘hot’ attractions

Take a trip to the hot springs and volcano.According to this Greece honeymoon itinerary, your day starts with a delicious breakfast and ends with a relaxing cruise. You may take a plunge in the volcano's hot springs on the cruise that leaves from Athinios Port. Large bits of magma will startle you as you make your way towards the Eastern Mediterranean's newest volcanic island. A Follow this up with a trip to the Hot Springs for a therapeutic swim. Take gorgeous photos with your significant other as the Caldera serves as the backdrop! Come back to the hotel after a hot and eventful day as directed by your 7-day honeymoon itinerary in Europe. You can spend the remaining time at the hotel enjoying its amenities or going on your own explorations of the neighbourhood. Later, rest comfortably in the hotel.

Day 4 Mykonos: Transfer to another incredible island

Today, you travel to Mykonos as part of your honeymoon package to Europe.Enjoy a filling breakfast and finish the hotel check-out procedures. You will now be transported to a ferry port to depart for your honeymoon's next stop, Mykonos. You will be taken to your hotel by an escort once you arrive here. At the front desk, check in and unwind. The rest of the day is yours to spend anyway you like with your better half. Visits to the ancient Church of Paraportiani and the Aegean Maritime Museum are optional. Relax on Agios Sostis Beach or stroll around Mykonos's 18th-century "Little Venice" if you wish to unwind amidst the wonderful surroundings. Additionally, you can take pictures at the island's renowned windmills that line the coast for your honeymoon photo album.Participating in the island's renowned nightlife beaches will jazz up your Europe trip honeymoon package. Enjoy yourself at bars-dotted beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise. Several dance clubs around the area where you can shake a leg are run by well-known DJs. Once you've thoroughly enjoyed the day, return to the hotel and cuddle up for the remainder of the evening.

Day 5 Mykonos: A glass bottom boat cruise

Take a glass-bottom boat tour to some of the island's most remote locations.Start your day off well with a delicious breakfast and get ready for an unforgettable experience: a glass-bottom boat ride. Explore the aquatic world beneath Mykonos's cosmopolitan surface and let your senses be pampered. While the ocean beneath your feet tempts you into a remarkable exploration, the breathtaking southern beaches provide a refreshing visual delight.Return to your hotel after such a lovely trip as part of your 7-day honeymoon vacation of Europe to Greece. The underwater wonders may flash in your dreams as you get ready for bed.

Day 6 Athens: Revisit the capital for a leisure day

Your honeymoon in Greece's final day brings you back to Athens.Break your overnight fast and finish the hotel check-out procedures. You'll be driven to the harbour so you may take the boat to Athens. As soon as you arrive in Athens, check into your hotel and get ready. The rest of the day is yours to do as you like. By choosing optional tours to your preferred attractions, you can spice up this day of your Europe trip and honeymoon package. Numerous institutions, including the National Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, and the Museum of Cycladic Art, are accessible here. Visit Panaghia Kapnikaréa Church or the Church of the Holy Apostles to ask for blessings for your marriage. You can also decide to include a quick journey to the charming Pláka area, which is home to the Hadrian's Library and the Roman Agora from the second century BC, two significant archaeological sites.After spending the day having fun, return to the hotel and retire to your comfortable bed for the evening.Elective: sightseeing (charges extra)

Day 7 Athens: Bid bye to Greece

Goodbye, Greece!Enjoy one last Greek breakfast together before leaving the hotel. You'll be taken to the airport right away to catch your journey to India. Take off with happy recollections and the desire to return to the gorgeous vistas.

Greece Honeymoon Package From Mumbai
Inclusions & Exclusions 

Whats Included
  • Athens: Hop on Hop off tour
  • Santorini: Tour of Volcanos, Hot Springs
  • Mykonos: Sunset cruise
  • VISA & Travel Insurance
  • Internal Transfer
  • Airport pickup & drop (as mentioned)
  • Airfare
Whats Excluded
  • Local taxes of Euro 2-5 per person daily
  • Services not mentioned in inclusions
Greece Honeymoon Package From Mumbai
How big is Greece?

Greece is somewhat smaller than the state of Alabama at 51,000 square miles. Depending on how you define an island, there are between 1,200 and 6,000 islands in the Ionian and Aegean seas that make up the geography.

Thessaloniki, in the north, is around 300 miles from Athens; plan on an hour-long flight or a roughly five-hour drive. It will take you an hour to fly or 5-8 hours to travel by ferry from Athens to Crete, which is around 250 miles away. Ferries, hydrofoils, and catamarans, as well as a large number of regional airports, make it simple to travel between island chains.

How do I get around in Greece?

The port of Piraeus, which is close to the Athens International Airport, is the starting point for trips to Crete and a number of Aegean island chains, such as the Dodecanese, Cyclades, and Northern Aegean islands. You will probably take a ferry to Igoumenitsa (in Epirus) or Patras to get to the Ionian islands (on the Peloponnese). If you’re not in a rush and intend to go by ferry, it would be lovely but time-consuming to travel from Greece to Turkey or Italy.

What is the currency?

Greece is a Euro user.

Can I get by with English alone?

Greek is spoken by the Greeks, but English is perfectly adequate. The majority of persons under 40 speak English with varied degrees of ability, and it is commonly spoken by those working in the tourism and hospitality industries and in places with high visitor traffic. Road signs in large cities are frequently bilingual, but if you’re travelling outside of the city, it’s helpful to understand the Greek alphabet.

As with visiting any foreign country, it’s good to learn a few basic Greek words to communicate with natives in an appropriate manner. Beginning with “thank you” and “please” (parakalo) is always a good idea.

What should I pack?

Come to Greece prepared with a few essential items in your luggage, whether you intend to see historical places or simply laze on the beach. Pack comfortable shoes and light, breathable clothing if your schedule includes a lot of rocky ruins and cities with cobblestone streets. Wintertime travel? Don’t forget to pack a lightweight raincoat and umbrella. As many islands and archaeological sites lack shade during the summer, be sure to pack warm-weather necessities like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect you.

Pack some sturdy sandals for walking around and perhaps some water shoes if you’re going to the islands, especially if you plan to visit Santorini’s black, volcanic beaches.

What is the food like?

Greek food won’t dissapoint if you enjoy natural ingredients, strong flavours, and a wide variety of dishes. Expect briny Kalamata olives, salty cheeses, seafood that has just been caught, buttery lamb, spicy olive oils, and flaky pastries made of an absurdly light phyllo dough. Greek food is the best example of what the Mediterranean has to offer.

Rich coffee and something straightforward like tiropita (a cheese-filled pastry), yoghurt and honey, or fresh bread are staples of the Greek breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be quick and simple, like a pita sandwich with lamb souvlaki or gyro meat, or they can be elaborate affairs with a spread of mezze (hot and cold appetizers, bites, and dips), salad, roasted meats or casseroles, and fresh bread. Enjoy your meal slowly as you sip ouzo flavoured with anise or

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Customers Reviews & Testimonials

We wanted to see a lot in 16 days even though my husband and I had never been to Greece before. We did a lot of research and discovered that AirTransat had created a very good itinerary to explore the key cities and islands in Greece. There are two versions of the Minos Magic Package: Option 1 is the standard version, while Option 2 is the improved version. We opted to upgrade to Alternative 2. Being in our 30s, my husband and I really didn't want to be on a "tour," thus Minos Magic was ideal.;

Spira Dmello


I recently returned from a two-week vacation in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos in June. We set out as a group of six men, a little concerned about the rumoured national unrest. I'm happy to say that we had a great time, that our vacation was largely unaffected, and that I would happily go back the next day. We had a great time in Santorini and Mykonos since they were two of the most picturesque places we have ever seen. Both places have wonderful and welcoming residents. Both had a large number of tourists and a thriving economy. Given that it was already crowded, I can only imagine how bad it gets during the busiest travel season. I recently spent a week at Nafplio and would highly recommend it. lovely town and simple



I recently returned from a 2week trip to Greece, where I had an absolute blast. Even though I had great hopes, they were totally surpassed. What a lovely nation! I'm saving my money to return in June. visited Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, and spent a short time in the Pelopenese. Greeks are incredibly amiable, welcoming, and well-versed on how to live. The entire 14 days had beautiful weather. Favorite locations/moments include Apella Beach in Karpathos, the beaches of Falasarna and Elofinisi in Western Crete, the entire Caldera of Santorini (especially Oia), romping around with goats high in the mountains of Naxos, watching Greek dancing under the stars in Rhodes, having a good time in Iraklio in Central Crete, and climbing Lyc (can never remember how).



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