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The greatest way to explore this huge and distinctive part of the world is on an Oceania tour, which connects isolated island nations that range in size from sensationally large to little. This area at the edge of the Earth is home to some of the most diverse people, landscapes, and wildlife on the planet, from enormous, metropolitan cities in Australia to jaw-dropping mountains in New Zealand. Discover a custom Oceania vacation with Tourlane today. Let our Travel Experts design, schedule, and reserve your ideal vacation right away.

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Does Refresh Holidays Have Partners Outside Of india?

In Southeast Asia, All Asia Trips collaborates with regional tour operators to offer unique, experience tours and journeys. Our one-of-a-kind excursions are the result of years of collaboration with our partners. In order to create our authentic tour itineraries, AAT, a small owner-managed company, pairs our staff of travel experts who are passionate about Southeast Asia with local operators who are specialists in various fields.

Does My Tour Include Airline Fare?

Airfare from your home country to the tour starting point and back from the tour ending point is not included in our tour rates. However, our packages cover all internal flights and ground transportation within the country of the destination. Please get in touch with Refresh Holidays customer service representatives if you need help booking your airline tickets if you're travelling to/from the India. We are always delighted to recommend aircraft routes to and from the trip destination for clients outside of the India.

Can I Join The Tour Late, or Leave Early?

We will be happy to connect you with your tour and adjust your trip if you want to join or leave our tour late. However, we cannot guarantee immediate transportation or accommodations that meet your needs, and the tour fees paid are non-refundable. Please keep in mind that not all demands can be accommodated and some may require additional costs. For more information, please get in touch with an AAT representative.

I Want To Go Somewhere After My Tour, Does Refresh Holidays Helps To Plan My Post Tour Ititenary?

We would be pleased to plan your post-tour extension specifically for you. We can help you with your pre-tour plans in addition to post-tour ones.

Is There A Maximum Luggage Allowance For My Tour?

Refresh Holidays does not impose any limitations on your travel requirements, but it is crucial that you confirm the luggage requirements with the airline you use for international travel to/from your home and make appropriate plans.

What About Internet Access In Europe?

Most of the hotels and resorts in our tours offer WiFi Internet access, though a solid connection is not always guaranteed.

Do I Need A Travel Insurance, Is That Included In My Invoice ?

Refresh Holidays strongly advises that you purchase travel insurance to cover the costs of emergency repatriation and other personal accident risks (which are not covered by the tour invoice). We suggest that you pick an insurance that meets your individual requirements.

What Kind Of Transportation Will We Be Using On The Tour ?

Our group trips may utilise a variety of modes of transportation, including buses, trains, or boats, depending on the tour you wish to arrange. You may even get to ride in an ox cart on select tours! Our excursions cover the costs of all internal transportation inside the country of the destination.

Last year, Refresh Holidays organised our trip to Australia. Amazing places can be found there. Sydney is a must-visit city for shopping, Melbourne is stunning from a driving perspective, and Gold Coast has rides and a water park. It is essentially a blend of all. The Gold Coast was the finest location we visited. There were several vegetarian restaurants there, so there was no food issue. A must-visit location. The best part of travelling with Refresh Holidays was the outstanding accommodations and exceptional service.

Spira Dmello


Despite the fact that I have never been to Australia and will likely never be able to travel there, I have a lot better understanding of this three times larger than India country than others who have. I do perceive a past aspect of myself. Yes, I can take you back to Australia as it was, perhaps, fifty or one hundred years ago. Rural Australia was so conservative at the time that you might wonder how you could write about it without having been there. I've been all over. I have travelled extensively throughout Australia, therefore I can write about topics that will interest even Australians without even consulting a guidebook.



The journey was fantastic. The route was fantastic, and we had great lodging all along the way. The variety of activities was also fantastic. Planning and preparation went without a hitch. I remember at one point speculating as to when something will go wrong because nothing had and nothing happened. Since my return, I have given Refresh Holidays services to a number of friends and coworkers. From the initial internet interaction to being picked up at Auckland Airport and then at every stop along the road, it was a lovely experience. I appreciate Dharmesh and everyone else who worked on this



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