Group Tour Package

Group Tour Package

Making a solo tour can provide one new insight and experiences, as well as give their life an entirely new dimension. The actual thrill of travelling, though, comes from being able to go with someone else and share stories about the trip. A group vacation package can be taken with family or friends to celebrate unity while making some very wonderful memories.
Group Tour Package from Refresh Holidays take you to wonderful and unusual locations, making them excellent for excursions with other people. It is not very enjoyable to travel alone when you take a boat down the lake or ride the cable car up the hill. Reservation with Refresh Holidays, you can explore the Group Tour destinations in and outside of India.

Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to locate somebody to take a fantastic solo photo for you to post on social media or hang on the wall. With group travel, you have the opportunity to have those perfect images taken by a close friend or relative who is aware of your needs and the purpose of your trip.

Decide to forget about solo travel for a while and explore the amazing Refresh Holidays Group Tour Package that have been created to give you an amazing experience that is fun and adventurous.

Group Tour Package India

Group Tour Package International

Group Tour Package FAQ

How many travellers will be there as a part of a Group Tour Package?

The number of tourists on a single group tour varies based on the excursion's destination, category, and mode of transportation. An international tour often has 40–50 participants, while an Indian tour typically has 30–40 participants.

Can I join or leave a tour midway? or can I opt for a part tour?

Although doing a full tour is always preferable, you can choose to take a portion of one, depending on availability, or you can join or leave a tour in the middle. Both of these options will have a different tour cost, which can be negotiated based on your needs. If it is confirmed at the time of booking itself, your Refresh Holidays Travel Advisor will take the appropriate action.

Can I extend my stay while on a Group Tour Package?

  • It is possible to prolong your stay after a group tour is over, or you can plan your own itinerary beforehand and join the tour on day one. Refresh Holidays offers a "Post Tour Holiday" option so that you can unwind at the tour's last stop or at an other location of your choosing. Any such extension or departure from the planned course would result in additional fees. If confirmed at the time of booking itself, your Refresh Holidays Travel Advisor will take the appropriate action.

Can I modify or change my booking after confirmation?

  1. Yes, subject to availability and with an additional actual cost as well as cancellation fees, any change or amendment is possible. As soon as your Refresh Holidays Travel Advisor receives confirmation and additional fees, s/he will help you with amendments.

Is the tour itinerary fixed? Or does it change while on tour?

  1. Refresh Holidays  makes every effort to run the tour in accordance with the original agenda. Due to many dependant elements, such as state or country rules, airline, cruise, train, road transit, hotel, sightseeing, etc., occasionally unavoidable, unforeseen situations may arise. In such circumstances, we might need to alter the planned itinerary before the tour or while we're on it. You will be notified of such changes either before your trip by SMS or phone call or by the Refresh Holidays Tour Manager while you are on your trip.

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