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Himachal tour package

Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by popular summer retreats, here are our best top picks, where you can visit the ‘adobe of snow’ Himachal Pradesh.North Indian state has bundles of unique destination that blinds you of beauty. Infact, it is a perfect ‘Beat the Heat’ destinations!

himachal tour package

Himachal tour package

Himachal Pradesh is enriched with nature’s best, which is why it has become a place of interest for many travel enthusiasts from around the world. Today many couples visit this natural haven to seek an ideal romantic getaway, whereas adventure lovers are often seen here with a purpose to conquer the mountains. Some take it as a test; for others, it is a fantasy destination.  

Best Time to Visit Himachal

For visiting it has three seasons – summer, winter, and monsoon. Each season has its own advantages, so let’s take a look at the best time to go to Himachal so you can have a perfect vacation.

In Summer:

The summer months in Himachal Pradesh extend from March to June. These four months let you explore the best of the destination and prove to be the best time for the Himachal tour. You can step out whenever you like, only to find the best weather conditions. The sun shines bright, and by dawn, the weather becomes slightly more chill. This mix of hot and cold will tempt you into staying out the entire day, eating out, and exploring the new and old places of Himachal Pradesh.

In Winter:

For those who are exceedingly fond of snow, winter is the best time to travel to Himachal Pradesh. Winter begins in October and lasts till February, and December is the coldest month of the year.

In Monsoon:

Monsoon in Himachal Pradesh is from July to September. The hills turn a lush green from all sides, and Dalhousie gets most of the rain. However, although the rain turns the state mesmerizing, there is an increased danger of landslides at this time, so it’s always better to be forewarned. While not so great for adventure seekers as trekking and hiking are not allowed, monsoon might actually be the best time to visit Himachal for honeymooners and couples.

himachal tour package
himachal tour package

How to Reach Himachal

By Air: Himachal Pradesh has three domestic airports. But the air route for Himachal is not well connected so it is less preferable. The best way to reach Himachal by air is to take a flight to Chandigarh, and then take a car or local buses.

By Train: Himachal Pradesh has two railway lines, in which one  connect  Kalka with Shimla and the other one connect Pathankot to Kangra.

By Bus: It has well connection with other states by road. And buses are easily avialable  from Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana for destnations like Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala.


6 Most popular Places to Visit in Himachal



Settled in the lap of the Himalayas, a beautiful place with snow-covered peaks around, amongst thick forests of pines and deodars. Snowcovered mountains, fresh air and charming grandeur of the town makes it a picture-perfect Must-visit places in Shimla include Mall Road, Shimla Ridge, Summer Hills town, and Tara Devi Temple.



Manali is a picture-perfect hilly retreat that draws in hordes of tourists every year. This scecery consist of a landscape which comprise of lush pines and deodar forests, snow-covered mountains, waterfalls and valleys attracts adventurers and nature lovers alike.Popular for snowy hills and chilled air, You can enjoy river rapids, zip-lining, parasailing, and horse riding, and much more to get an adrenaline rush. You can also buy unique kinds of carpets and blankets from Manali.


himachal tour package

Appropriately called God’s Own Country, Kerala has been blessed handsomely by Mother Nature, and Thekkady is like a jewel in all that spectacular beauty. Thekkady includes visions of sloping lush green hills, lush green forests, emerald blue waters, and magnificent elephants. Thekkady is situated near the Kerala – Tamil Nadu Border, around 257 kilometers from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram. Thekkady is renowned all across the world for being the gateway to one of the most splendid Tiger reserves in India – The Periyar Tiger Reserve.


himachal tour package

Covered by pine-clad peaks and incredible views, Dalhousie is a treasure of a hill station in India. Positioned in the western part of Himachal Pradesh, the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. With flowering rhododendrons and thick woods lined with pines, oaks, and deodars, the scenery is very beautiful. Dalhousie is filled with magnificent historic architecture featuring houses, symbolic of the British period, such as St. Francis' Church, St. Patrick's Church and St. Andrew's Church. Dalhousie refreshes the senses with its serene scenery and impressive snow-capped mountains.


himachal tour package

Chandigarh, a union territory that is both Punjab's capital and Haryana's capital, is an appropriate interpretation of the word 'city.' The country's stronghold expresses its love for you through food. One will understand why the town's swag is indeed different during your visit. Chandigarh celebrates daily life, maybe by chomping on butter chicken, or breaking into bhangra without excuse. The city's enthusiasm really is infectious. Spend some more time in this well-planned city designed by Le Corbusier, the Swiss-French architect. Known as a majestic city, as one enjoys the multiple gardens in Chandigarh, one could almost sense the mountain air.


himachal tour package

Host of glorious Golden Temple, Amritsar’s famed city, portrays Punjab’s courageous character. A day commences with the spiritual prayers from Gurudwaras in this peaceful town. The spiritual and cultural hub of the Sikh religion is Amritsar. Baisakhi Festival brings out the gleaming face of Amritsar with its best quality food, clothing and merry-making. Although the Old City to the south of Amritsar station is populated with many ancient buildings and sights such as the Golden Temple, Amritsar's north side contains upmarket restaurants, hotels, and sprawling neighbourhoods, as well as other shining signs of contemporary development in the area.

3 Most Popular Himachal Tour packages

4 Nights /5 days
Manali Volvo Package


Stray from the beaten path, and you’ll see that India offers a wealth of wonders: Varanasi, split by the revered Ganges River, is considered one of the most fascinating places on earth

6 Nights /7 days
Shimla manali Chandigarh
himachal tour package

visit Shimla manali Chandigarh

encompassing vibrant cultures, historical monuments, breathtaking landscapes and colourful festivals on your India Holiday. 

9 Nights /10 days
Amritsar to Chandigarh
himachal tour package

visit Amritsar Dalhousie Dharamshala Shimla manali Chandigarh

Time your visit to India with one of the country’s numerous Hindu celebrations for an unforgettable cultural experience—top picks include Holi festival, known as the Festival of Colors; and Diwali, when the country erupts into fireworks and candlelight.