Ajanta Ellora Tour Package From Mumbai

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Ajanta Ellora Tour Package From Mumbai

Our 4 Day Tour of Ajanta Ellora & Lonar Meteor Mystery from Mumbai takes you deep into the heart of the countryside, stopping at ancient temples and tombs as well as modern wineries and mysterious crater lakes. You’ll discover a completely new and multi-faceted side of India that most tourists usually miss, and leave with a wealth of knowledge. This tour is available every day and leaves with guaranteed departures.

Ajanta Ellora Tour Package From Mumbai
Day-wise Itinerary

Day 1: Mumbai/Pune to Aurangabad.

You will meet the driver in the parking lot upon arrival in Mumbai/Pune and be transported to Aurangabad. When you arrive in Aurangabad, check into your hotel and have a nap. You can shop in the neighbourhood market. Take a trip to Bibi ka Makbara in the afternoon (Mini Tajmahal). Stay the night in Aurangabad. First day of Ajanta Ellora Tour Package

Day 2: Tour to Ajanta Caves

After breakfast, continue to the Ajanta Caves tour. Discover the Ajanta caves and their stunning artwork. Return to the hotel after lunch. Stay the night in Aurangabad.

Day 3: Visit to Lonar Crater

Get to Lonar Crater after breakfast. Once there, make the descent to the crater and engage in parikrama. Visit the abandoned temples and crater. Check out the Daityasudan Temple. Return to the hotel after your sightseeing. Stay the night in Aurangabad.

Day 4: Departure

Check out of the accommodation and head to the Ellora caves tour after breakfast. Visit the 12th Jyotirlinga of Grishneshwar and explore Ellora Caves. Visit Bhadra Maruti and Kailash Temple later. Later, continue to Mumbai or Pune to continue your return home. your Ajanta Ellora Tour Package ends here

Ajanta Ellora Tour Package From Mumbai

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Ajanta Ellora Tour Package From Mumbai

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Ajanta Ellora Tour Package
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Ajanta Ellora Tour Package
Customers Reviews & Testimonials

Ajanta Caverns is a collection of 30 Buddhist caves on the banks of the Vyaghra River, 26 of which are solely accessible to visitors. It takes some physical fitness to explore all 26 caverns. To enter these caves, one must ascend a steep staircase. About 100 miles separate the city of Aurngabad from these caverns. There are quite a few buses that go to the T point, from whence we must board ST buses to get to the cave entrance. For the ST bus, each person must purchase a ticket for 25 rs. These Buddhist caves are full of carvings of Lord Buddha, and some of the caves' walls and ceilings are covered in stunning jataka kadha paintings depicting episodes from Budda's life.

Madhya Pradesh


In the Maharashtra region of Aurangabad, there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ajanta and Ellora. These are the monasteries and temples of the ancient Indian civilisation, which were all cut in one hard stone on a mountain cliffside between the first and the twelfth centuries. Most of the caverns include multiple floors and rooms, and the walls are dug out with just a hammer and chisel. 29 Buddhist sacred caves with chambers and murals were constructed in the first century at Ajantha. There are 34 caves at Ellora that are dedicated to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The largest cave in Ellora, Kailasa temple Ellora (Cave 16), is 32 metres high and stunning.

Jai Singh


The beauty of this place is beyond my ability to express with words. It is preferable to experience the same thing firsthand. I'm only writing this review to educate the audience on two things: 1. Please read some of the Jataka stories and descriptions of the Ajanta caves rather than relying solely on the guides. A very knowledgeable one is difficult to come by. 2. Keep in mind to carry a torch light when you enter the caves. If you want to see the beauty of the caves on your own, you can do so by bringing a light source because the majority of the cave paintings are in the dark and are difficult to see without one. All of the tour guides carry one.

Raja Das


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