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Celebrity is a Relaxed LuxurySM resort at sea where visitors can go to the best locations on the planet. Travel to up to 8 destinations in one cruise, experience a new restaurant for every meal, unwind in sumptuous accommodations with every comfort thought out, find your wellbeing thousands of miles away at sea—all with the globe at your disposal. On all seven continents, our fifteen award-winning ships provide distinctive experiences in more than 300 locations.

Popular Destinations Carnival Cruise

Mediterranean Transatlantic Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 16 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Alaska Hubbard Glacier Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 7 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Argentina & Patagonia Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 12 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Hawaii Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 12 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Italian Riviera & France Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 9 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Celebrity Cruises FAQ

For international travel, what do I need to know about Visas?

For information on the precise visa requirements, information, forms, and costs for your nationality, please get in touch with the Embassy (Consular Services) of each nation on your sailing route or the visa service of your choosing. The guest is solely responsible for determining whether travel documents are necessary for each port and obtaining them. We fervently advise visitors to travel with a passport. Every passport must be current.

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Smoking Policy?

Our ships are designated as non-smoking areas for the comfort and enjoyment of our passengers, but we acknowledge that some of them do smoke. Therefore, we have designated specific places of the ship as “smoking spaces” in order to provide an onboard environment that also satisfies smokers. Smoking is generally prohibited outside of approved areas. (For more information, speak with Guest Relations.) Products that mimic smoking, such as electronic cigarettes, are covered under this policy.

There is no smoking allowed in guest staterooms or on guest verandas. If a guest violates this policy, a $250 USD cleaning fee will be charged to their SeaPass® account, and additional action may be taken against the guest in accordance with the “Consequences Section” of this Guest Conduct Policy.

What items are prohibited onboard a Celebrity Cruises cruise ship?

Weapons, illicit substances, and other objects that can compromise the ship’s ability to operate safely or the safety and security of our passengers and crew are forbidden. The following are some instances of things that passengers cannot carry onboard. When discovered, these and comparable items will be seized. Alcohol, illicit substances, flammable liquids, explosives, and hazardous chemicals won’t be accepted as returns.

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