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We assist you with your travel planning, whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive Maldives trip package to check something off your bucket list or a Maldives package with a flight from one of the major Indian cities. The idyllic island is frequently described as “turquoise nirvana” for people who enjoy vacations by the sea, and our best Maldives packages are designed specifically with that in mind. Explore beyond the glistening white sand beaches from Male to Addu Atoll, go diving to witness the colourful marine life, and relax in luxurious accommodations to make the most of your travels. Plan your next vacation by looking through our Maldives packages from India. Continue reading to find out more about Maldives vacation packages.

What are the best Maldives tour packages?

Which are the best resorts in Maldives?

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What is the price of a Maldives vacation package?

A variety of Maldives vacation packages are available, starting at Rs. 40,000. The choice of flights, hotels, sightseeing, and other factors will all affect the Maldives packages you choose. Depending on the type of holiday you want, you might choose to travel by staying less nights yet taking a longer vacation.

What should I take with me when I travel to the Maldives?

Since the Maldives is a tropical location, you will undoubtedly be exposed to the sun’s rays while you are there. There are several watersports available and the most gorgeous beaches all around. For your trip to the Maldives, it is a good idea to bring the following items: Lightweight cotton clothing in light colours is preferred, as well as evening attire, flip-flops or sandals, swimwear, insect repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses. You should also carry a sun hat with adequate UV protection to keep yourself safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

Which month offers the best value for a Maldives vacation?

The most affordable months to travel to the Maldives are August through October, when tickets are less expensive than in other months. Beginning in December and continuing through February or March is the peak season. August to October is the greatest time to visit the Maldives if you’re on a tight budget. It’s not as humid as it is in the summer, and you can book a convenient hotel for less money than a five-star resort.

Are there high travel costs in the Maldives?
  1. You may expect to pay INR 60,000 per head for travel, lodging, and meals in the Maldives if you are a budget traveller, but reserving in early and going off-peak can assist. Although they are on the more expensive end of the scale. However, guesthouses are already popping up on a weekly basis on nearby islands, giving backpackers a cheap way to travel. If you’re looking for inexpensive methods to travel to the Maldives, check out Thomas Cook India’s Maldives trip packages.
How far away from Mumbai are the Maldives?
  1. Mumbai and the Maldives are separated by roughly 1672 kilometres. A three-hour flight will take you from Mumbai to the Maldives. Airlines like Indigo offer direct flights to the Maldives from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Cochin.
Are female tourists secure in the Maldives?
  1. Yes, the resort islands of the Maldives are very safe for female vacationers travelling alone. Since the Maldives don’t have a particularly poor reputation for being famed for its crime scene, many visitors—including women—travel there alone. Islam is recognised as the official religion in the Maldives, hence women are expected to follow dress codes when visiting mosques and can swim in swimsuits and bikinis at designated bikini beaches. The Maldives are generally safe for all visitors, especially women, save from this.
Can I consume alcohol in the Maldives?
  1. Islam is the acknowledged religion, hence it is forbidden for locals to sell or consume anything in public or privately. If you are an adult non-Muslim who is over 18, you can purchase and consume alcohol at any of the resorts, so do not fear. Alcohol is typically served to visitors at resorts and on cruises with a hefty markup.
What is the currency of the Maldives?
  1. The Maldivian Rufiyaa, which is the official currency of the Maldives, is non-convertible and has an exchange rate of INR 4.61 to MVR. You can convert money at the airport’s one and only dedicated foreign exchange counter, the Bank of the Maldives, or you can buy it elsewhere.
Are Indian rupees accepted in the Maldives?
  1. Although US dollars are also accepted, the Maldivian rufiyaa is the legally recognised currency in circulation. Rupees from India are not. The majority of travel expenses are billed in major currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR, even though USD continues to be the most often accepted currency on the resort islands and is even accepted by restaurants and guesthouses on some of the Public Islands.
How many days are required for a trip to the Maldives?
  1. The Maldives may be explored and visited for a spiritual retreat in 5 to 7 days. The Maldives has a tonne of exciting things in store for you. You can easily see all the major sights in 5 days.
What is the temperature range in the Maldives and the water temperature?
  1. The Maldives retain a comfortable year-round temperature of 25–30°C, with nighttime lows of only a few degrees. The water rarely drops below 25°C, and the sun shines on average for 8 hours per day. Additionally, the water’s temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius. On your Maldives vacation, this is the perfect temperature for swimming and for diving or snorkelling.
  1. Male, Feydhoo, Hulhumale Island, Utheemu, Maafushi, and many other locations are among the most well-liked Maldives trip destinations. Hulhumale Beach, Vabbinfaru Island Beach, Fulhadhoo Beach, Sun Island Beach, and Dhigurah Beach are among the most well-known beaches. You are welcome to travel to any of these stunning locations, depending on the kind of holiday you prefer.
What is the best time to visit Maldives?
  1. Since this is the busiest travel period, the ideal months to visit the Maldives are from December to April. It’s perfect for sightseeing, cultural pursuits, water sports, and trying out regional cuisine. These months have pleasant weather with a moderate temperature and low humidity. With a sea temperature of 30 degrees Celsius on average, April is the best month to go swimming. The best of the Maldives may be seen and experienced during this time of year. The mood is joyful and busy, and every area is fully populated.

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