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Princess Cruises, one of the most well-known names in cruising, launched with a single ship sailing to Mexico in 1965. More than 50 years later, the line is still known for its cutting-edge ships, wide range of onboard amenities, and welcoming atmosphere. Princess, a well-known innovator in international cruising, gives millions of travellers the chance to experience the world’s finest locations while travelling on a fleet of 15 cutting-edge ships every year.

When one of Princess Cruises’ ships, Pacific Princess, was given a starring role on the new television programme “The Love Boat,” the company was propelled to fame. The weekly show became an instant hit after introducing the idea of a seaside vacation to millions of people.

Popular Destinations Princess Cruises

Mediterranean Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 11 NIGHTS

2023- 2024

World Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 26 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Hawaii Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 7 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Europe Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 10 NIGHT

2023- 2024

U. S. Pacific Coast Cruise

Itinerary Starts from 6 NIGHT

2023- 2024

Carnival Cruise FAQ

What’s Included That Makes Cruising a Great Value?

Your cruise cost covers lodging, meals (including our 4-course dining rooms), room service (available 24 hours a day), entertainment, and an infinite supply of activities, including the recently introduced Discovery at Sea events like Stargazing, kid’s crafts, and more! Additionally, you won’t have to spend money on pricey flights, trains, or cabs to travel from one place to the next. When you weigh your options, you’ll see that booking a cruise as opposed to a land-based holiday can actually save you money.

Services like shore excursions, speciality restaurants, laundry, etc. may have additional costs.

Will I Get Seasick?

Our larger ships are less prone to rolling motion since they are more stable with heavier weight. It doesn’t even feel like you’re moving on most ships since they are so big and stable, especially in calmer areas like the Caribbean and Alaska’s Inside Passage. Being the natural equilibrium point, the centre of the ship tends to move less.

You should look into itineraries with less sea days if you frequently get seasick. You can spend more time on land if you take a trip with lots of ports. For a medication or other alternative, speak with your doctor. Over-the-counter medications, patches, and special wristbands are frequently effective treatments for visitors.

What Should I Wear?

In hotter regions, casual sportswear like shorts, thin pants, and jogging suits are the norm on land and at sea. Depending on your destination, we advise you to pack a sweater, a jacket, or an all-weather coat for chilly evenings and shore excursions. Additionally, when walking on deck, you should wear comfortable shoes.

For dinner, dress as you would to a nice restaurant at home: women should wear skirts or dresses, trousers, and sweaters, while men should wear pants and open-neck shirts. At least one formal dining night is included on cruises lasting five days or longer. Men and women are required to wear tuxedos, dinner jackets, or black suits, respectively.

Are All Princess Ships Alike?

Princess offers a range of ships, some of which have a capacity of over 3,500 passengers. Every ship in our fleet is built with roomy decks, public areas, and balcony suites to provide you plenty of privacy. However, each also offers a variety of chances for social interaction through amusement according to your mood. Investigate the ships.

Is There Phone and Internet Access?

When the ship is at sea, in international waters, and other locations where such use is allowed, mobile phone service is available for use. Your mobile device provider will effortlessly bill you directly for all fees.

Your mobile service provider must have a roaming arrangement with Wireless Maritime Services or Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) (WMS). For further information on prices and availability, please contact your supplier.

We not only have internet access, but we also have the greatest Wi-Fi at sea! With MedallionNet® Wi-Fi, you can easily post pictures from your trip, video chat with family and friends at home, and stream your favourite movies and TV shows. You can buy a package either before or after your voyage.

Will I Be Bored?

Nope! Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t possibly participate in all the activities or events on board. (And we do not advise it.) Culinary demonstrations, bingo, wine tastings, spa services, Encounters with Discovery at SEATM with local experts, destination-specific onboard events like North to Alaska, miniature golf, a book club, dance lessons, and that’s just to name a few.

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